Meta AI, the artificial intelligence (AI) system developed by Facebook's owner Meta, is becoming increasingly integrated into the social media experience. In a surprising move, Facebook now offers users the option to generate comments using AI. But is this a sign of our growing laziness?

Recently, while browsing Facebook, I came across a friend's post thanking everyone for their kind birthday wishes. Realizing I was a day late, I planned to write a personalized "Happy Belated!" message. However, I was taken aback when I saw the "Comment with AI" prompt. To their credit, Facebook provides a decent explanation of Generative AI, allowing users to not only rely on the AI's suggestions but also edit them to create more meaningful comments.

Facebook's AI, likely based on Meta's Llama 2 generative model, offers a range of comment styles, including insightful, inspirational, heartfelt, casual, supportive, and even the occasional bad ghost-writing attempt. Interestingly, the "Comment with AI" prompt doesn't appear every time; instead, it quietly resides as a trio of icons to the left of the more popular "GIF" option.

The quality of the AI-generated responses varies depending on the subject of the post. While some can be surprisingly insightful, others fall flat or seem irrelevant. When I selected the "heartfelt" option for my friend's birthday, the responses I received were cringe-worthy and out of sync with our long-standing connection as friends since high school. They simply didn't capture my voice or sentiment.

One such comment read, "Your gratitude is well deserved! You have an amazing support system. Enjoy every moment of your special day 🎂." While I disliked almost every word of the suggestion, I appreciated the addition of a cake emoji, as it aligned with my regular practices.

Although I have encountered better options on various Facebook posts, I value the ability to edit the AI-generated comments to make them more personal and authentic to me.

But here lies the dilemma. If we can't even muster the effort to compose our own comments, why are we on social media in the first place? Facebook's core premise has always been about connecting with other humans, not relying on artificial intelligence. It's about fostering relationships with people we already know and care about.

In recent years, I find myself returning to Facebook solely to celebrate others and to bask in the joy of being celebrated on my own birthday. These heartfelt comments mean a lot to me. However, if people were to discover that their comments were composed, wholly or in part, by AI, it could undermine the sincerity of those connections. It's akin to letting Amazon choose a gift for your loved one. While they may appreciate the gift, you know the truth, and it could alter how they perceive your relationship.

Let's not forget the phrase, "It's the thought that counts." It should never become, "It's the Artificial thought that counts." The value lies in being considered and thought about by others. We often assume that people are solely focused on their own lives, but then someone reaches out through social media, a text, or even a phone call, and we realize that we occupy a special place in their thoughts.

Although some may view Facebook's AI-generated comments as a trivial matter, I foresee a dark future where most users opt for the convenience of AI-generated comments, leading to the deterioration of genuine connections with loved ones.

As an advocate of AI, I plan to incorporate it into my daily life. However, I firmly believe that it should never replace human thought and emotion. The heart cannot truly speak when it starts in silicon. Let us cherish and nurture the authenticity of our connections, for nothing can replace the warmth and depth that comes from genuine human interaction.